Scotswood helping you take those first steps

After finishing either a twenty eight day program or a longer period of rehabilitation in one of the many facilities in Cape Town, patients are often daunted by the prospect of having to reintegrate into society and carry on from where some of them may have left their lives in tatters. This is a common problem that faces these people trying to better themselves. Scotswood Retreat is a relatively new but motivated outfit that offers the opportunity for sober living in Cape Town, providing a supportive, substance free environment for those on the road to recovery.

sober living cape town

Scotswood sober house tackles the issues that recovering addicts need to deal with when leaving the rehabilitation center or treatment facility where they have completed their first part of their recovery journey. The Scotswood team are an experienced group of people with first hand knowledge of the difficulties faced by those on the recovery path. The team work hard to provide healthy, safe, sober and nurturing environment for their clients. The team is managed by founder and owner, Julia Finnis-Bedford. Julia has had to deal with the effects of people suffering from addiction in her own life, and was motivated to launch the Scotswood Retreat after realizing how difficult it is for people leaving the safety of their treatment centers, to find a healthy sober living environment.

The problem is that while in these rehabilitation centers, patients are almost completely isolated from any external factors that may distract them from their recovery process. Some might argue that they are perhaps shielded to much and it does them a disservice when the time does come to reintegrate back into society. It’s quite normal for these patients to have no access to social media, mobile phones or internet. Visitation is on a strictly controlled basis. So when the time does come for them to leave, they are suddenly bombarded by old triggers for the first time since their admission, putting their recovery to the test. Seeing old friends that they may have used drugs or alcohol with, going past old places where they may have abused substances, or even stressful circumstances, can all lead to a potential relapse.

Scotswood is the perfect way to make that transition from the very sheltered environment of a rehabilitation center to a more healthy lifestyle. Scotswood offer an assortment of facilities and amenities, including cooked dinners six nights of the week, off street parking for residents, Wifi access, and a gorgeous swimming pool. There are some criteria applicants are required to meet before being allowed to commence their stay at Scotswood, these include working a twelve step program, meeting regularly with their sponsor and attending recovery meetings.